Saturday:Softly Falling Rain

19 Sep

The richness of the rain made me feel safe and protected; I have always considered the rain to be healing—a blanket—the comfort of a friend. Without at least some rain in any given day, or at least a cloud or two on the horizon, I feel overwhelmed by the information of sunlight and yearn for the vital, muffling gift of falling water.~Douglas Coupland, Life After God


This morning, the dark looming clouds were a pleasant sight. I got up early to try and get a run in before going to my writing group. It misted a tiny bit when I first set out at 7:30, but I figured , “So what! I’m going to be sopping wet after my run.” It never did rain, so I joggled about three miles, and indeed, I was drenched without the rain. 

Look at those beautiful clouds! We desperately needed the rain. It started raining around 9:30 and it was wonderful to use the wipers on my car for a change. Did I mention we need rain?

Funny how a little rain can brighten a gloomy day. Ironic? The sun is out now, but the rain was lovely while it lasted. 


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