Sunday Sermon: Some Old Friends and A New Friend

21 Sep

It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
~John Leonard

A great weekend with old friends, a lot of walking, running, visiting. Saturday our writing group got together after missing several weeks. Then, my friends Lynne and Charlie surprised me with a wonderful dinner at Rick’s Chophouse.  The waiter made a special request from the bar for my Black Russian  with chocolate ice cream. Cheers !

Today, I went to church early, as I signed up to be a greeter for. 9 am Mass. Easy job…open the door, smile, and say hello. I can do that. 

Here’s my sermon. Be a good friend many and you’ll have many good friends. Virginia and Joe always save me a seat at church. Today after Mass, the Knights of Columbus had a pancake breakfast. 

Joe and Virginia. Aren’t they a sweet couple !

After church I went over to the square and chatted with Elizabeth , Kathy, and the gals at a Sweet Spit Bakery.  It was so nice out this afternoon. 

Over at Snug, I met a very charming lady from Prosper who was having breakfast, her dog by her side. We starting chatting. You know how that goes. We exchanged phone numbers and are now Facebook friends. 

Hi Rena! Great meeting you and chatting today. 

I had already had a busy day , so I came home and decided to go for a run. It was actually a cool afternoon for a change. I was saved by the bell. About 2 miles into my run, Sherri called and asked if I wanted to go to a movie. (Screeching halt) I ran home, changed, and off I went. 

Now, that was a fun Sunday with some old friends and a new friend. 


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