Tuesday Tune of the Day

22 Sep

Time becomes a stutter-the space between drumbeats, splintered into fragments, and also endlessly long, as long as soaring guitar notes that melt into one another, as full as the dark mass of bodies around me. I feel like the air downstairs has gone to liquid, to sweat and smell and sound, and I have broken apart in it. I am wave: I am pulled into the everything. I am energy and noise and a heartbeat going boom, boom, boom, echoing the drums.

Lauren Oliver, Hana 


Being born and raised in Chicago, I never really acquired a taste or appreciation for country music. I’m more of the Sinatra, Oldies, and show tunes from broadway musicals  kinda gal. 

I never thought I’d ever be saying these two things. I like country music, and I own a pair of cowboy boots. I’ve been in Texas over eleven years now. It grows on ya. I  don’t do the big hair thing, but I love the fun jeans and glitz combo. 

Exciting evening with Margie, Sherri, and Kimmie. Margie invited us to go to the Garth Brooks concert. 

I’m so pleased that “I have friends in low places.” Actually, all my friends hold the highest of places in my heart. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pics tomorrow. 


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