Friday Frenzy and Friends

17 Oct

“Its always difficult to keep Fridays confined within themselves..they tend to spill over..” 

― Kai Sinclair


A funny thing happened to me on my walk this morning! Well, it wasn’t so funny. After my two day fast and prep for the “dreaded colonoscopy” yesterday, I slept in this morning. I promised my sister on a stack of bibles that I wouldn’t go to kick boxing, even though I felt great. I just had a bit of a headache and a bad runny nose from the cold oxygen thingy they stick up your nose. I’m still sneezing. So, I ate a little breakfast and was going to meet Zelda for lunch at Olive Garden at 12:30. I love the eggplant, and I was finally hungry.

I decided to go for a slow leisurely walk around the pond. It was a gorgeous cool morning. I made it around a few blocks, then all of a sudden, whammo! I started feeling dizzy, my ears tingled and I was 2 blocks from home. The park was about 100 feet away, so I groggily made my way over to the bench. I thought if I sat a few minutes, I’d feel better. Wrong! Everything got blurry then all I could see was bright white light. Then no vision. Yikes! Do I call 911? (Right now you are saying, YES, silly.) I couldn’t even see my phone. 

Laying down on the cold concrete bench was all I could think to do. Taking long deep breaths, and hoping if something serious happened, someone would come along and find my limp lifeless body. (Glad I wrote my final words and comments on life yesterday.) The good news is, after about 15 minutes of laying still, I was able to get up and walk home. Death crisis averted. I’m pretty sure I was just dehydrated from over 48 hours without food and losing all liquid.

Crazy gal that I am, 20 minutes later, after drinking lots of water, I changed, hopped in my car and met Zelda for lunch. I ate like a little piggy and drank like a camel. Then we drove over to the Square and walked around, popping into a few shops, and stopping for gelato. I felt just fine. Weird, right?

It’s always fun to bump into friends and familiar faces downtown. I just love McKinney!

Zelda and I visited Miss Sue over at the visitors center. 

Nan Lee was surprised with beautiful flowers from her employees/friends for Boss’ Day. Nan Lee has the most gorgeous jewelry in her shop at 108 W Virginia.

Then a quick stop at Sweet Spot Bakery to say hi to Elizabeth and Kaylyn. Hi girls!

Well, that was my Friday in a nutshell. From a scary death defying morning walk to a fun stroll on the Square. Life is good! Strange, but good!


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