Friday: Food Frenzy and Famished Friends

23 Oct

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” 

― J.R.R. Tolkien


When I bake, I bake a lot. When I cook, I cook a lot. It’s not that I eat a lot, or  even  bake or cook often, but I have a lot of friends that I enjoy sharing food with when I do get in the mood.

My latest cooking marathon was making a huge pot of potato soup. When I say huge, I mean gy-normous.The weather finally cooled off a bit and the dreaded drought has lifted. So, off I went to the store to get the fixins. Oh no, the ten pound bag of potatoes was on sale for $2.94! Holy cow! That meant I had to get out the “big red pot” for this marathon.

If you’d like the recipe,well, you can’t have it! I don’t use a recipe. I just throw stuff in that I like and keep adding and tasting until I’m happy. It’s pretty easy to make because I use a lot of canned ingredients, but I doctor it up with fresh things and LOTS of potatoes. Remember, I had ten pounds. I boiled about eight or nine pounds because that’s all that fit in the pot, then diced up two big onions and sautéed in a stick of butter in “big red.” Then added about 1/2 a cup of flour, stirred in 4 cans of chicken broth, then started adding all the other cans of cream of chicken soups and corn and chiles. 16 cans of stuff in all. (See big red in the background?)

It was a two big pot endeavor. I also threw in about 1/4 cup of hot salsa I had left over from Taqueria Hernandez. The soup turned out a bit spicey…but I loved it.

Of course, I packed up a few containers to share with friends. What’s the use of going to all that trouble if you can’t share. Food that is made with love is meant to be shared with loved ones.

Come on over, I still have some left…and it’s Black Russian Friday! A two-fer.


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