Friday:) Fun and Frenzy With Friends at the Art Club of McKinney

14 Nov

A picture is a poem without words.



A poem:  words waiting for an artist to paint a picture.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday was the November meeting of the Art Club of McKinney. Lynne, Sandy and I had volunteered months ago to be hostesses for November, long before we had volunteered to do a workshop for the meeting. It was crazy busy but crazy fun. I baked four dozen mini peach cupcakes and brought a cream cheese/jam dip and crackers, and Lynne  made a gorgeous fruit platter that looked like a turkey and cute acorn cookies. Sandy made mini-quiches and red velvet cake.

  A funny face in the mix.

 I love to bake!

Then, after the general meeting, minutes, introduction,etc., instead of having a guest speaker, we had four artists give a hands-on demonstration/make and take session. Lynne did felting,  Carol an angel pin,  Gail did zentangle, and I did glass painting. Groups of ten went from one section for half an hour, then rotated to the next until they participated in all four sections. It was fun, loud, creative, hectic and crazy.

I did a quick demo (4times) of painting, holly, Christmas trees, grapes, roses,and bluebonnets, then let the group play with the paint. Everyone did something different and cool.

It’s always exciting to learn something new, but even more rewarding to teach someone else something new. 

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