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Friday Frienday:) Every Day is Frienday

21 Nov

“When you start to do the things that you truly love, it wouldn’t matter whether it is Monday or Friday; you would be so excited to wake up each morning to work on your passions.” ― Edmond Mbiaka


Did you ever notice that if you remove the “en” from Freinday that you have Friday? Yah, me neither, until now. Today was a Friday Frienday. Some of the ladies from The Unbiological Sisterhood Meetup group stopped by my house today after their field trip to the Vintage Market at Meyers Park. I wanted to show off and share my handpainted glassware, ornaments, and artwork. Of course, I made brownies and a funny face. 

They looked and tasted much better after it was mixed and baked. 

I gave the ladies a tour of my house, my artwork and the infamous “crap room”, it is kinda scary in there. But, they loved my painted glassware and ornaments and we talked about putting together a class so I could teach them to paint wine glasses. ( I just love it when people want to learn to paint.) They always say, “But, I don’t know how to paint.” And I tell them, “That’s OK, I’m an amazing teacher.” Funny, but true.

A few of the gals who stopped by.

Then, we all went over to Blue Olive for lunch afterwards. I came home, packaged up my leftover brownies and took the rest to my neighbors. I like to share. Then, I went for a walk. Fun Friday Frienday!

I should be painting and glittering ornaments, but hey, it’s Friday. That means it’s Black Russian Friday. Some things are more important.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Theme Song Thursday:) Everything’s Coming Up Roses

20 Nov

“I feel as if I had opened a book and found roses of yesterday sweet and fragrant, between its leaves.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of the Island


For my theme song today, I chose “Everything’s Coming Up Roses,” because I am literally up to my ears in roses.( Yesterday I had a rose theme too. Coincidence?.) This year, my 2015 ornament  that I paint is going to be the pink rose. Don’t even get me started on glitter. I haven’t gotten to the glitter yet. Yikes! I love Christmas!


Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom

19 Nov

“It’s easy to take the time to stop and smell the roses but one must be willing to give of themselves enough to also stop to admire and understand life’s weeds. 

― Colleen Dougherty


When I moved to Texas, I discovered how beautiful and resilient Knock Out roses were. They seemed to bloom and thrive almost all year round. But then a few years ago, some ugly disease started spreading like wild fire. 

When I go for my daily walks, I see the long row of Knock Out roses that wind along the path by the pond, and unfortunately, they all seem to be afflicted. Here’s a little snippet what I read about it:

A killer disease has set its sights on America’s most beloved landscape shrub, the rose.
Even the seemingly invincible Knock Out roses, with their reputation for superior pest and disease resistance, have succumbed to a virus known as rose rosette disease. And while Knock Out roses are its most famous victims, the disease is a threat to all commercial hybrid roses, including favorites such as hybrid tea roses, floribundas, grandifloras and old-fashioned varieties.
Bill Barnes of Barnes Horticultural Services in Bucks County, Pa., says that the disease has been around for a long time, but has only recently started to appear in cultivated roses.

What I learned from this is, even the heartiest roses may succumb to disease, but they continue to blossom and thrive and burst through the thorny stems and clusters of ugly leaves. They are not as vibrant and pretty as before, but they survived. They will continue to blossom next spring even after they are cut down to almost nothing in the fall. 

Sometimes I feel like that rose. So, when I passed these roses today and took this picture, I smiled and thought…

“Even when you are cut down to the core, just remember that after you survive the harsh winter, you will blossom in the spring.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Tuesday:) Teaching Your Talent 

18 Nov

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.
~Margaret Fuller

Give me a few hours and I could teach anyone how to paint. I’m not a great artist, but I’m a fantastic teacher.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Last night I had the pleasure of teaching a wine glass painting class at Lone Star Wine Cellars on the square. “It was a dark and stormy night.” A little writer’s humor, but it was raining pretty hard and several people didn’t make it to the class, but six brave souls ventured out. It’s always fun to share my painting techniques with strangers. You know why? They think I’m wonderful. And you know what? I am! Ha ha! But it’s true.

Didn’t they do a great job? I forgot to get a picture of the glasses that one lady did because she left early. She said she couldn’t paint and she had no delusions of making anything worthwhile. She left with a big smile and two gorgeous glasses. I LOVE TEACHING!

I get so much and I learn so much, all the time. 



Montage Monday and MAST

16 Nov

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” ― Henry Ward Beecher


This past Saturday and Sunday was the annual McKinney Art Studio Tour. Local artists opened their homes and studios for visitors to experience their work in a hands-on manner. Personally, I find it more rewarding to own a piece of artwork from an artist who you have met and have seen where they work. And, the best part for me is, I happen to be very good friends with most of these talented folks. How lucky am I?

I purchased this beautiful cross from Alex Macias, a very young but extremely talented clay artist/potter. (I think the apple doesn’t fall far from the talent tree.)

Sherry Joplin has the most glorious holiday Santas, trees, and holiday gifts. (I am the proud owner of several keepsakes.)

Hi Steve Macias! What ya got cookin’? Oh yes, raku firing wonderful pottery.

“More” amazing artists. Yessss! A Laura Moore visit. We miss you Laura. 

Sherry, Laura, Lynda, and Lynne.

Elaine Adams does architectural renderings and paints homes that are so detailed, precise, and did I mention so reasonable. 

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” 

― Henry Ward Beecher

Sunday Sermon and Other Stuff

16 Nov

“There is an end to life.

Live life while you still have the grace to breath.” 

― Lailah Gifty Akita, Beautiful Quotes


A chilly gloomy Sunday again, but I always enjoy starting my day bright and early and going to 9 o’clock Mass. Because I’ve been greeting at 8:30, I get to start my day by smiling and saying good morning to hundreds of people, and the best part is….I get those many smiles and pleasant greetings in return.

Today, the Gospel was about not knowing when the end of the world is coming. My take on it…No one knows when the world will end, no one knows if they’ll get hit by a bus tomorrow, so just live the best life you can. Be the best person you can, and live life to the fullest. 

Mark 13:24-32……..

“Learn a lesson from the fig tree.

When its branch becomes tender and sprouts leaves,

you know that summer is near.

In the same way, when you see these things happening,

know that he is near, at the gates. 

Amen, I say to you,

this generation will not pass away

until all these things have taken place. 

Heaven and earth will pass away,

but my words will not pass away.
“But of that day or hour, no one knows,

neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”


Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I’d still make funny faces with my brownie mix, and I’d keep sharing with my friends. Why? It makes me smile and makes them smile.


Saturday:) Some Special Things

15 Nov

We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, so take care with your recipe.

~Greg Phillips


My neighbor, Kathy called me this afternoon and asked if I could give her a ride to pick up her car over in Plano. I was already almost where she needed to go, but had to drive home to McKinney to pick her up, then turn around and take her back to Park  near Preston. But, the good news was, it wasn’t far from the liquor store. I was running low on vodka and Kahlua for my Black Russians. I only go a couple times a year, so I stock up when I get over there. You can’t buy hard liquor in McKinney, just beer and wine.

So, on my way home, I went up Preston Road because there is Toatal Wine and More with a Michael’s craft store two doors down. SCORE! My two favorite places side by side. I even wrote a poem about it…( Think of the song from the Sound of Music)


Kahlua with vodka with some chocolate ice cream

A glass full of happy before my good night dream

Note cards and new paint, my heart all a twitter

Do not get me started on the prospect of glitter

I popped into Michaels, they had a great sale

Total Wine two doors down for my vodka and ale

If you’d like to share in my crafts and my liquor

You don’t need to call, come on over it’s quicker


~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

I stocked up on my liquor. Don’t judge me! This should last me a few weeks. Just kidding, a few months, unless a lot of friends stop by.

A dozen containers of extra fine glitter for my ornaments on sale and more note cards and paint for painting homemade greeting cards. Did I mention the great sale at Michael’s plus an addition 25% off toatal purchase? SCORE!

Time to practice what I preach. Cheers! 


We create our own world with the ingredients we put into it, so take care with your recipe.

~Greg Phillips
(I’ve got a good recipe.)

Friday:) Fun and Frenzy With Friends at the Art Club of McKinney

14 Nov

A picture is a poem without words.



A poem:  words waiting for an artist to paint a picture.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Yesterday was the November meeting of the Art Club of McKinney. Lynne, Sandy and I had volunteered months ago to be hostesses for November, long before we had volunteered to do a workshop for the meeting. It was crazy busy but crazy fun. I baked four dozen mini peach cupcakes and brought a cream cheese/jam dip and crackers, and Lynne  made a gorgeous fruit platter that looked like a turkey and cute acorn cookies. Sandy made mini-quiches and red velvet cake.

  A funny face in the mix.

 I love to bake!

Then, after the general meeting, minutes, introduction,etc., instead of having a guest speaker, we had four artists give a hands-on demonstration/make and take session. Lynne did felting,  Carol an angel pin,  Gail did zentangle, and I did glass painting. Groups of ten went from one section for half an hour, then rotated to the next until they participated in all four sections. It was fun, loud, creative, hectic and crazy.

I did a quick demo (4times) of painting, holly, Christmas trees, grapes, roses,and bluebonnets, then let the group play with the paint. Everyone did something different and cool.

It’s always exciting to learn something new, but even more rewarding to teach someone else something new. 

Theme Song Thursday:) Every Song Tells a Story

13 Nov

Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.
~Emory Austin

When I am the happiest, I sing loud. When I am the saddest, I sing even louder. There is always a song in my heart.

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I had to laugh. The other day I received an email with a link from a dear friend who moved clear across the country a few years ago. She said her husband heard a song while driving into work one morning and had to look it up on YouTube. He said, “I heard this song and thought of Toni.” He wondered if I had heard it. I hadn’t. 

The funny part is, now I can laugh about it, even though it was so true. It asks a lot of questions, and I have a lot of answers. A couple of years ago, I was still crying. Not any more. I dodged a bullet. Every song tells a story, and this one tells my story so well. But, you know what? Nothing ever stopped me from singing. Take a listen and read the words. I answered some questions (after some of the lyrics.)


Joey and Rory
Cheater, cheater where’d you meet her

Down at Ernie’s Bar? (No, Debbie, the waitress at Craig Ranch Country Club.)

Did she smile your way, twirl her hair and say how cute your dimples are? (No, how big your bank account is.)

Did she use that line “Your place or mine?” while you danced with her real slow? (No, let’s do it in your car in the parking lot)

Tell me cheater, cheater where’d you meet that no good, white trash ho?
Liar, liar did you buy her whiskey all night long? (Yes, so she could say, I’m so drunk.)

Did you hide your ring in the pocket of your jeans or did you just keep it on? ( No, he never wore a ring.But, he’d always call and say, “I’m stopping for a couple drinks with the guys.Love you!” )

When the deed was done and you had your fun did you think I wouldn’t know? (Yes, you thought I’d never find out, but she made sure I did.)

Tell me cheater, cheater where’d you meet that no good, white trash ho?
Now I’m not one to judge someone that I ain’t never met (No, we met many times and she even waited on me. She knew who I was.)

But to lay your hands on a married man is bout as low as a gal can get (Yes, pretty low.)

Hey I wish her well as she rots in hell and you can tell her I said so 

Cheater, cheater where’d you meet that no good, white trash ho?
Loser, loser hope you love her cuz your stuck with her now (Yes, he said he didn’t love her, they were just friends, but he’s stuck with her now, and she’s draining him dry, literally.)

Take your sorry butt, load up all your stuff, and get the hell out of my house (Yes, exactly what I said.)

But I just wish you’d tell me this one thing before you go

Cheater, cheater where’d you meet that no good, white trash ho?
Now I’m not one to judge someone that I ain’t never met

But to lay your hands on a married man is bout as low as a gal can get

Hey I wish her well as she rots in hell and you can tell her I said so (Yes, it will be pretty hot where they’re going.)

Cheater, cheater where’d you meet that no good, white trash ho?
Yeah I just wish you’d tell me this one thing before you go

Cheater, cheater where’d you meet that low down, up town, slept with every guy around, pressed on eyelash, no good, white trash ho? (Yes, she’s been with every guy around, single and married. But, he’s stuck with her now.) 


KARMA: AH and the HO

I’m still singing!!! (And a little venting.)


Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom on Veterans Day

12 Nov

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

~ President John F. Kennedy


Every day should be be Veterans Day. Thank those who have served and are currently serving our country by keeping them in your thoughts and prayers every day.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I once joked around and said, “Everything I ever learned, I learned on Facebook.” It was kind of a half joke/half truth. But, with so many people posting information, stories, photos, etc. you can’t help but learn something new every day.

Today being Veterans Day, I was flabbergasted (haven’t used that word in a long time) at all the wonderful photos and tributes to our veterans. Literally, there were hundreds of posts today of fathers, brothers, uncles, and, friends along with old faded photographs. 

There was also a mention on Facebook about taking time out at 11:11 a.m. on today, November 11, (11/11) to say a prayer, a moment of silence, or send out good thoughts for world peace. So, I set my alarm for 11:11 and did just that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to send our men and women off to war, or off to protect other parts of the world? World peace, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

If you missed 11:11 a.m.  There is always 11:11 p.m. tonight. It just takes a minute to send out some good thoughts and positive energy. 

I posted a picture of my father who served in the Phillipines during WWII. He was just a kid, barely shaving, and off he went to defend his country as so many others did. 

I also like to share a watercolor montage that I painted a few years ago that has a jungle scene intertwined with a map of the Phillipine Islands. Dad never got to see the painting, but I think he would have liked it. 

This was my way of paying tribute to my father and I will keep sharing it every Veterans Day.

I also like to shake hands with service men and women whenever I see them in uniform, and when I see a veteran sporting his cap that proudly states what branch he served in or what VFW Post they belong to, I shake his hand and say, “Thank you for your service.” I really wish more women shared their service. I’d like to thank them too.