Friday:) Final Faces of Fall and a Firey Sunset

12 Dec

“Every face is born with a thousand masks to go with it.” ― Marty Rubin


We have had several warm sunshiny days. But, alas, I believe the rain and cold will be heading our way tomorrow. It is December after all. I’ve had the pleasure of walking every morning with a light jacket and in the evening in a tank top. 

Yesterday, on my way back to my house, a group of young boys were in the little park across the street playing football. I always wax nostalgic seeing boys playing and hearing their rowdy laughter. It brings back memories of a driveway full of smelly boys playing roller hockey or a yard full of baseball players. “Mom, we need eight water bottles, OK?” I miss that! My boys are in their thirties and so far away now.

During the summer, I keep a stash of Popsicles in the freezer, and when the neighbor boys are across the street playing football, I walk over with some Popsicles. I don’t know their names, they don’t know mine, but they know I’m that nice lady who brings them Popsicles when they are hot and sweaty. They always say, “Thank you, Mam.” I smile and think of my boys.

The final faces of Fall. A firey sky and boys playing in the park eating Popsicles. This makes me smile!


 My evening sunset. Glorious!

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