14 Dec

After I wrote my blog this evening commenting on today’s Gospel and my little random act of kindness, I thought … Why not incorporate this into a 12 Days of Christmas challenge for myself, but also invite YOU to participate. It just so happens that starting TODAY, there are 12 days before Christmas. 
I challenge you to perform a random act of kindness, or “pay it forward” or just brighten someone’s day for 12 days. You can start tomorrow, 12/14 and do something special Christmas Day if you don’t want to start today.
It could be something as simple as calling an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, visit a sick or elderly person, help someone carry their groceries, shovel snow or rake a neighbor’s yard, bring up their garbage cans, say something nice to the grocery clerk, or just shake hands with a soldier or veteran. There are endless possibilities and your ideas are probably better than mine. (You could make my day happier by telling me that you accept the challenge. That could be your Day 1 kindness.)
Then, if you keep a list, document, or post each day on Facebook or WordPress what you did, you can share with the rest of us and inspire the world to be a better, happier, lovelier place to live.
Day 1) I gave a bracelet to a little girl at church and made her smile. 


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