Saturday:) Sharing, Caring, a Sunset and Day 7 “Pay It Forward” Challenge

20 Dec

“A random act of kindness 

 Is a lovely way to show

 That everyone is special

 Even people you don’t know.

 Perhaps they’ll “pay it forward”

 By going that extra mile

 Sharing kindness in the world

 Giving someone else a smile.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


This morning, while I was walking, I bumped into Bernadine. She’s a neighbor a few blocks away that I met a few months ago while walking over by the pond. We discovered that we both go to St. Gabriel’s and have a lot in common. When I baked Halloween cupcakes in October, I took some over to her and her husband Vince. So, when we started chatting today, she said, “Toni, I made you some banana nut bread, but I haven’t seen you walking, so I put it in the freezer. Can you stop by the house and get it?” Well, of course I could. 

How delightful. I was the recipient of an act of kindness, and a tasty one, at that.

Now that I’m working on my 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, it’s getting a little more difficult to come up with new and exciting “pay it forward” ideas. But, this morning while walking, I noticed a moving van around the corner. Hmmm? New neighbors! So, when I went for my evening walk, with the glorious sunset illuminating the evening sky, I decided what better way to welcome neighbor’s than with a random act of kindness.

I went home, wrote the poem about random acts of kindness that begins this post, and strolled around the corner with a box of Russell Stover assorted fine chocolates. I even jotted down my poem for the new neighbor’s. They were very appreciative. I’m sure this helped them start off the first day in their new home with a pleasant feeling.

Tina, Josh, and young Matthew. I know, I’m not the greatest photographer. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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