Tuesday:) Time To Say Goodbye and Time To Say Hello

30 Dec

“You never really say goodbye to your children when they leave, because you slip your heart in their pocket when you give them that last long hug.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


You’d be very proud of me. I didn’t cry when I said goodbye to Matt at the airport today. I got to spend an extra day with him when his flight yesterday was canceled, but he spent hours trying to get a flight out today. Crazy weather, cancellations, and delays. We had a very nice visit. Matt spoiled me and humored me throughout his visit with many lunches, movies, dinners, and with me dragging him around to meet my friends, not to mention taking care of some of my financial questions. He is very patient, but I think I heard his eyes roll behind his head a few times. 

The “Last Supper.” More Mexican food and margaritas.

The little tree he bought me that I will plant and watch grow and remember his kindness. 

So, he had a long trip to get back home today from DFW with a long layover somewhere in Arkansas before arriving in Chicago this evening. I still don’t know if he made it home yet. 

It was tough to say farewell to my youngest son, but I’m hoping that the New Year will bring many blessings and more “Hellos.” I didn’t really say goodbye. I slipped my heart in his pocket when I gave him that last long hug.


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