Wednesday:) What Wonders We See Along The Way

31 Dec

Life is your wonderful playground. Be merry and enjoy it to the fullest until we are called back Home.


It was a wonderful Wednesday. A wonderful day for a walk, sunny, in the 50’s. The evening sky painted  another amazing  display. Sometimes I think, I wonder if everyone stops dead in their tracks to stare at the beauty that nature provides. I swear, it always takes my breath away. While I was walking, I saw the horses across the road sauntering around, nibbling on tall grass, with an amazing sunset in the distance. 
It’s hard to see the horse in the lower left, but look at that sky!

The nearby pond is always a place of visual wonder.

I love this one with the bare tree silhouetting the sky.

An empty field where they are preparing to build more houses. That’s ok, the sky will still be there.

All these beautiful sights on an average daily walk. I just have to open my eyes, and there it is. How blessed am I?

2 Responses to “Wednesday:) What Wonders We See Along The Way”

  1. Fibriandani April 13, 2019 at 6:56 am #

    Lovely post 🙏🏻

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