New Year’s Day:)Tradition

2 Jan

“Sometimes we follow traditions and don’t know why. That’s what Google is for.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Is it just me, or you you all discumbubulated with Christmas and New Year falling on a Friday ? I thought yesterday was Friday, only to wake up today and it was Friday. I had to go back and edit my post from yesterday. 

So , yesterday I made a big batch of black eyed peas per southern tradition. I already knew the suggested reason for the New Year custom, but I found many people did not. Here’s what I learned. 

The practice of eating black-eyed peas for luck is generally believed to date back to the Civil War. At first planted as food for livestock, and later a food staple for slaves in the South, the fields of black-eyed peas were ignored as Sherman’s troops destroyed or stole other crops, thereby giving the humble, but nourishing, black-eyed pea an important role as a major food source for surviving Confederates.
I make mine a little different with roasted corn, black beans, salsa, and jalepe√Īos. Then , serve with taco chips. Must be my Mexican heritage of a little further south. But , it’s yummy. 

I have  some with neighbors and friends to share  the wealth , so to speak, and to carry on the tradition. 

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