Wednesday With an Old Friend

14 Jan

“They talked in the shorthand of old friends and shared memories.” 
― Dee Henderson


Debbie and I have been friends since 1977. We met when we were teaching at Conrady Junior High. It was my first full-time teaching position. I taught art and she taught English. We were both young, crazy, and optimistic. We have been friends ever since, even after many moves, new jobs, travels, children, and troubles. There is no friend like an old friend.

So, Debbie arrived yesterday from Chicago to spend a few days in beautiful McKinney, Texas. When she left Chicago Tuesday morning, she had to shovel snow before leaving for the airport. After a long leisurely lunch and short sunshiny walk around the pond, we sat outside in the sunshine, 63 degrees.

Today, the weather was just as wonderful. We went to the Square to enjoy a late breakfast at SNUG ON THE SQUARE.

We walked around and visited with my friends at SWEET SPOT BAKERY, popped in the Visitors Center, then stopped for frozen yogurt. A long walk was in order after that adventure.

Drinks and snacks every evening is a must when  friends visit. 

At the end of the day, we remembered that tonight was the big Power Ball drawing, so we drove over to the gas station to get our winning numbers, along with half the population of North Texas.  Wish us luck!

We talk in the shorthand of old friends. If we win the big Pwer Ball tonight, we’ll be talking shorthand and longhand in Hawaii. Aloha!

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