Theme Song Thursday:) “Cowboy Up”

21 Jan

“Sometimes life is like the rodeo. You just have to hold on tight and pray you don’t get thrown off before the final bell.”

Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“Cowboy Up. It was the slogan of the Pro Rodeo Tour, the slogan of bull riders and rodeo competitors at every level of the game. No matter how hard the hit, whatever the level of injury, a cowboy didn’t stay down. he got up and shook off the pain…’Cowboy Up’ the words had come to define the cowboy mentality, the rodeo way of life. Riders had two choices: Cowboy Up or go home. If cowboys didn’t look past their injuries, the rodeo would no longer exist. Everyone rode hurt; it was the nature of the sport.” 

A Thousand Tomorrows


My dear friend Sherry Joplin invited me to go to the SW Expo & Livestock Show in Fort Worth. In other words…the rodeo. This was my birthday gift, along with a cute cowgirl type bracelet. I’m looking forward to a great evening of new adventures and laughter with a great friend. I’ll take pictures to share tomorrow.  Yee-haw!



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