Saturday:) Sturdy Shelves, Stubborn Streaks, and a Sunset

24 Jan

“There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice


This morning, I got up early to take Bella for a walk before going to writing group. I didn’t have anything to share or that needed critiquing, but I enjoy the comraderie of the group of wonderful writer’s and friends. Aelle paid me the nicest compliment. She said, “Toni, when are you going to work on your novel? I read your blog, and you are a wonderful writer.” Good question! I guess it’s part of my stubborn streak. Until my mind and soul feel at peace, I don’t want to write something that isn’t coming from my heart. But, perhaps that’s what I need to write about.

Now, what does that have to do with sturdy shelves, you ask? It’s all part of getting organized, my life, my mind, and my “crap/craft room.” Pardon my French. I was talking to Sherry the other day about organizing craft rooms, and decided if I had another wall of shelves, I could display and organize better. I went to Home Depot and bought four more shelf units. AND, ta-da…they were on sale. Even better.

I managed to get all four units in a big shopping cart, with two inside the cart and two dangling precariously off the bottom. Of course, there was no clerk to help lift them or offer to help me out. I am a sturdy stubborn woman, and I intended to tackle it by myself. But, after paying, as I was teetering across the parking lot, a kind gentleman offered to help me. He grabbed the two bottom shelves as they slipped off the cart and into the street. He said, “You steer and I’ll follow.” Then, to add to my damsel in distress blonde moment, I forgot which aisle I parked my car. I was close, but turned the cart one aisle too soon , and we had to remove and carry each unit across a wide curb to my trunk.

I was pleased to find that chivalry is not dead, and there are still considerate, kind, and helpful people still on the planet. I thanked the gentleman and drove away thinking, he’s probably still shaking his head saying to himself, “Spacey woman!” 

You’ll be pleased to note that I managed to remove all four shelves from my car all by myself. Now, it might be quite a while before I muster up the energy to tackle the organizing. That will be another story.

I got home just in time to capture another glorious sunset on my evening walk. And the moon…oh my…the moon was spectacular.



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