Wednesday:) What Do You See?

28 Jan

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer” ― Walter De Mulder


 Who is an artist? What do artists see? Everyone is an artist in their own right. If you are a writer, painter, dancer, photographer, teacher, or student, everyone is an artist. Everyone who thinks, sees, feels, and shares, is an artist. 

What do you see?

This is just an oil spot on the street, but I see something different. Look closely. What do you see?

I see an elderly lady, her hair up in a grandma bun. Do you see her eye, protruding nose, dark lips. A profile of a pen old woman. She has a warm wooly scarf around her neck. She’s out in the snow. Do you see it now? Maybe you see something else.


“Always seeing something…” 

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