Saturday:) Seriously Hacked and Stressed

14 Feb

The Internet is like life. Just when everything is going great, you get hacked.

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


“Human Stupidity , that’s why Hackers always win.” 

― Med Amine Khelifi


Early this morning, I was awakened by several texts and instant messages from friends telling me that I was hacked. Later, I had dozens and dozens of email and even more comments on Facebook, telling me that I was hacked. I’m not really stressed. I guess this happens all the time. I just feel bad for my friends, and hopefully no one fell for the obvious ruse.

Fortunately, all my close friends and family know that I seldom ever leave McKinney much less lose my luggage and passport while traveling to the Philippines. Although, several friends said they were ready to fly over there and come to my rescue. Heck, when someone suggests going to lunch in Plano or Allen, some fifteen minutes away, they know I will either decline or have to use my google map nav system to get there. I DON’T LIKE TO TRAVEL!!! I AM DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED!!!

So, if you received an email from me requesting money be sent to the Philippines, please disregard. But, cash, checks, money orders, gift cards, chocolate candy grams, and jelly of the month club subscriptions may be sent to my home in McKinney. Thanks! Be safe out there!


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