Theme Song Thursday:) If I Had a Hammer

19 Feb

“Life is all about building. We build relationships, a family, a home, and a better life for ourselves and others. Never put down your hammer, even when things get broken.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis

“Sometimes while you are so passionately busy building, there will be others as busy destroying. Do not stop. One day you will notice how high above you get, and how down below they end up” 
― Sameh Elsayed


This morning, I went to Zumba, went for a long walk, then decided that today was the day. Enough procrastinating! I was going to work on organizing my “craft” room. I call the room something else with a similar spelling, you know what I mean. I bought four sturdy plastic shelves months ago, and all I got accomplished was hauling them up the stairs. 

I figured if I tried to devote at least one hour a day on organizing, that maybe in a hundred days, I’d be done. (I have a lot of stuff. Very good, important, artsy stuff.) I climbed up the stairs around 3:30 and dragged the first unit into the middle of the floor and started to assemble. Four hours later, with a sore shoulder from pounding, dragging, lifting, and organizing, I managed to get all four shelves assembled, my long work table boxed up, ornaments put away, and glassware arranged. Now, I’m exhausted and hungry.

These three shelves were already there. Now, I need to organize a zillion bins onto the four new shelves. Perhaps another day, or month, or year. 


I’m building something new. Very symbolic!

One Response to “Theme Song Thursday:) If I Had a Hammer”

  1. Bonita February 19, 2016 at 3:59 am #

    I played on a Zip Line 2 day!

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