Friday:) Friends of a Feather, New and Old

20 Feb

“There’s always a good lesson in meeting new people, its enlarging your circle of friends. And though there are times you don’t match with their likes, there are some whom you just blend well.” ― Solita


My morning started out with kickboxing class. Yikes, it kicked my butt, again. My arms were still sore from assembling those four shelves and moving heavy bins. But, I punched, and kicked, and shuffled, and jabbed for a solid hour, watching the clock, determined to finish without calling 911. Accomplished!

Another beautiful sunny day. I walked around the pond a few times with Bella, my neighbor, Mike’s dog. He was at the office, so sometimes I just pop over and pick her up. Bella, is not too friendly to strangers, but she loves me.

 Later, decided to sit in the sun. It was another tank top kinda day. It’s February…how amazing.?..don’t be jealous.
It started to get cloudy in the early evening, so I grabbed a sweater for my evening walk. Guess what? The clouds sauntered off and the sun burst through again, had to remove the sweater. On my walk, the kids a few blocks down, were playing basketball. An older gentleman in a lawn chair, sitting with his dog, just watching the kids play, gave me a big wave and hello. So, of course, I walked over to chat and introduce myself.

This is Gary and Maggie. Very friendly dog. Gary says that she runs to the window every day at 3:30, and asks to go out to greet the kids getting off the school bus. I made a couple of new friends today.

Miss Claudia lives on the corner. We chatted quite a while about her great-grandchildren, her husband, Willie, and the weather, of course. (Do you notice the theme? I don’t get much walking done.)

Michael and Derek, over at the sales office always have a wave and a hug for me. We talked a little while.

These are friends in my neighborhood, new friends and old friends. And, last but not least, the friendly feathered friends down by the pond. We don’t chat much, but they’re always quacking about something. I just don’t understand  duck talk. 


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