Sunday Sermon and Other Stuff

29 Feb


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come, 

Whispering ‘it will be happier’…” 

― Alfred Lord Tennyson


Today’s Gospel was different at 9 o’clock Mass than the others, because we were celebrating the catechumens. It was the story of the Samaritan woman that Jesus asked to draw water from the well, and she didn’t feel worthy…

The story of the woman at the well teaches us that God loves us in spite of our bankrupt lives. God values us enough to actively seek us, to welcome us to intimacy, and to rejoice in our worship. As a result of Jesus’ conversation, only a person like the Samaritan woman, an outcast from her own people, could understand what this means. To be wanted, to be cared for when no one, not even herself, could see anything of value in her—this is grace indeed.



My take on it…even if we don’t feel worthy, or important, or we give up on our dreams, God doesn’t give up on us. There’s always hope. 

After Mass, I went for a nice long walk under dark puffy cloudy skies. The afternoon eventually cleared up. Then, I met my friend, Kelly, at the movies to see “The Lady In the Van.” Maggie Smith was excellent in the British  comedy/drama about an old homeless lady living in her van, befriended by a quirky playwright. 


It’s been a nice, quiet Sunday. 


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