Theme Song Thursday:) The Continuing Saga of Those Darn Old Teeth

17 Mar

“The trick to not growing old is to: Stay curious. Keep your teeth. Stay hopeful. Do everything gracefully, yet kick when you have to.” 
― Carew Papritz, The Legacy Letters: his Wife, his Children, his Final Gift
Yesterday, one of my crowns popped off. I was able to get an appointment for this morning at 8. I thought, while I’m there, I’ll have them check that lower root canal that has been bothering me since it was done last May. Yikes! 
It was a hazy morning, chance of rain, but out my window was a dark cloud with a silver lining. An optimistic sign of good luck, right? Off to the dentist at 7:30 am. 

Once in the chair, X-rays and 3-D images taken, the results were, the upper crown needed replacing, and the lower sensitive tooth that had 1) a previous crown, 2) then replaced with a root canal and new crown, 3) now needed to be extracted and replacedwith an implant. ( I call it my $9,000 tooth.) My optimistic hope for an under an hour visit, turned out to be a four hour in the chair ordeal.

Yes, I took a selfie. 📵📸

The temporary crown is in, the offending tooth is extracted, and now several weeks of follow ups, replacements,  and check ups will ensue. The good news is, I was a trooper and didn’t scream once. The bad news is, they forgot to give me my tooth to put under my pillow for the tooth fairy…this procedure will cost $6,500! I could use the extra cash! Yes, here is where you say,”Holy sh–!” I know, I did. 

I stopped at Walgreens to get my meds. The novocaine and numbness has warn off, and the pain has kicked in. The hydrocodone has been taken.  The bad news is, I hate taking any meds and I can only eat soft or cold things, AND…no alcohol. ( tomorrow is Black Russian Friday.) The good news is, I will be drinking a lot of chocolate milkshakes. 

 Maybe my sweet tooth was removed? Nah… No such luck.

Drugs and milkshakes…the breakfast of champions. 

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