Wednesday:) My Weird and Whacky Wednesday

17 Mar

“I’d rather be a little weird than all boring.” ― Rebecca McKinsey


A lazy morning, followed by a long morning walk, was the makings of great day. When I got home, it was time to make my brownies for our DAS Divorced And Separated support group  at St. Gabriel at 7. I also had some homemade cookie dough that needed some baking. It was a Betty Crocker kinda day.

Rule number one: Always play with your food.

I made a double batch so I could share with friends and neighbors. One batch I sprinkled with chopped up Milky Way bars, the other with chocolate chips. The fire station will get some in the morning. I caught Miss Desra, the mail lady, with some fresh out of the oven cookies, and Miss Kathy across the street was watering her plants. Nothing like warm cookies. 

While I was sampling several cookies, just to make sure they were perfect, I had something stuck in my teeth, so I went to floss. Well, to add to my weird and whacky day, when I flossed the bothersome tooth, one of my crowns popped off. I hope it’s a crown and not a broken tooth. Yikes! I immediately called the dentist office, and I go see him in the morning at 8.

Kinda gross, BUT, I wonder if I put it under my pillow???? Nah! 

After the brownies cooled, I went for my evening walk and took brownies to Diane, then Miss Bernadine and Mr. Vince. Then,  Mr. Larry and Miss Sandy were sitting in the driveway and appreciated the brownies. By the time I got home, it was already time to get ready to go to church. 

Very good and positive support group meeting. Making new friends, sharing joy, sadness, and raw emotions, this is a good thing. Afterwards, I stopped inside church, knelt down and said a prayer, thanking God for His blessings, strength, and continued support. I am blessed. I am thankful.


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