Friday:) Firemen, Friends, and a Fabulous Art Show

19 Mar

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.” ― Charles Lamb


Despite my swollen face, sore jaw, and bleeding empty tooth socket, I was going stir crazy in the house after lying around all morning. I couldn’t go to kickboxing or take my usual brisk walk, so I got dressed and went to the square to visit friends, get a smoothie, and stop at the art show. 

I stopped at Fire Station 2 on my way. I finally was  able to take over those brownies that I had baked. They always appreciate my visits. Say hello to Fire Fighter Carr.

I stopped at Sweet Spot Bakery for yet another smoothie, and  visited with Miss Kathy a while. Miss Elizabeth was baking cookies. I asked if I could dip some in chocolate, and Miss Kathy let me play in the kitchen.

Off to the Annual Collin County Adult and Student Art Show.

Amazing young artists in the exhibit downstairs.

My dear friend, Bonita Comarnitsky, won a blue ribbon.

Jeni Tomlinson always has a show stopper and wins a ribbon.
President to the Art Club of McKinney, Lynda Kingsley, addressed the packed room, ready to introduce the winners.

I didn’t stay very long, I started feeling queasy, so I decided it was time to get home for my meds, another smoothie and some rest.  My wild Friday night. NO Black Russian Friday for a few weeks with my meds and healing mouth. Dang!

Not being able to have solid food yet, I miss my spinach salads, so I said, “Aha!” ( I do that a lot when I am brilliant.) I just put some spinach in my smoothie. Actually, not too bad. But, not especially great either.


Green smoothie. I should have had that yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day. A good Friday.

One Response to “Friday:) Firemen, Friends, and a Fabulous Art Show”

  1. Bonita March 19, 2016 at 3:20 am #

    My dear friend so sorry about u “jubbi” (Polish 4 Tooth)…relax, take melds & head 2 sleep…uck on the “spinach smoothie”
    Huggies 4 my picture😘

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