Sunday Sermon and Surprise Sunday Supper

11 Apr

“Leftovers are those mysterious nondescript white containers crammed in the freezer that are too numerous to throw out, yet too arcane to consume.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Today is the Third Sunday of Easter. Father Don was back saying Mass after his scary collapse on Easter during Mass. He’s doing better and he received applause from all. 

Today’s Gospel was the one where after his resurrection, Jesus appeared to the disciples yet again. This time they were out fishing, catching nothing all day, when Jesus called out to them to cast there nets out again on the right side. They cast the net out and this time the yield was almost too full to bring into the boat. Also, he asks Peter if he loved HIM three times, to make up for denying HIM three times. Then, the disciples were asked to become fishermen of men, to spread the word of the Lord. 

My take on it… Sometimes we are asked to “cast the net out,” or rather, keep on going when we think there’s no hope. When you’ve done something wrong, we have to say we’re sorry and try to make up for it, even if it’s three times or three million times, but it must be genuine remorse or it just doesn’t count. Then, of course, share your gifts through kindness, by sharing, and by example. 


After Mass, I stopped and had coffee with Mr. Jerry at McDonald’s. Then, over to Albertson’s to pick up groceries for the week. My goal,has been to try and eat some leftovers in the fridge and freezer, but dang it, I just go out to lunch or dinner to often. Then, I usually end up bringing home even more leftovers. So today, my huge weekly shopping consisted of three items.

Greek yogurt, chocolate frozen yogurt, and toasted oats (generic Cheerios) to put in my yogurt for breakfast. Big purchase…all on sale.

I was motivated by my Friday night visit from Diane. I promised her a Black Russian, and when I opened the freezer, a container of ice cream came tumbling out onto my foot. (This happens a lot.)

Today, I decided I was going to have surprise leftovers for supper. I do this once or twice a week. I close my eyes and pull out a mysterious container or ziplock bag of …who knows what. Or, whatever happens to pop out at me, literally.

Tonight is mystery chicken with potatoes, corn and other weird things that I’ll heat up, put on a tortilla with cheese and fresh spinach. Looks bad…tastes good. Just a tiny dent out of the leftover saga.


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