Theme Song Thursday:) Help Feed the Hungry

15 Apr

“An empty belly makes a stern taskmaster.~Victor Radcliff” 

― Harry Turtledove


Downtown McKinney was packed this evening with visitors attending the annual Empty Bowls event at MPAC, McKinney Performing Art Center. Hundreds of volunteers, students, and artists created and donated handcrafted bowls and volunteer hours.  Local restaurants, bakeries, breweries and wineries donated the soups, sweets, and beverages, but more importantly, their time to help raise funds to feed the hungry in our community. Profits would directly benefit hunger inititiatives at Community Lifeline Center. 

The purchase of your ticket allowed you to choose from the hundreds of handcrafted bowls, a reminder of the many people who go hungry every day, who have empty bowls. Then, samples of delicious soups and sweets were offered at various stations scattered around the building. There was also a silent auction for many fabulous museum quality fine art bowls crafted by local artisans.

A few of the auction bowls. Oh my, what a beautiful hand-painted glass rose bowl right in the front. I wonder who could have painted that one? (Moi)

 Amazing! There was some heated bidding at the end. 

My friends from Sweet Spot Bakery provided around 800 brownie bites and gooey butter cake bites. Miss Kathy couldn’t put the delicious bites out fast enough. I helped out a little while, mostly by sampling for quality assurance. 

My friends Michele and David Bernard provided a yummy gourmet Chipoltle Corn soup.There were dozens of other great soups to sample. 

The beautiful weather allowed the bowls to be set up and displayed out on the front lawns of MPAC. 

These little girls liked the bowls painted by my senior art friends at Towne Creek. 

I caught Donna Loughmiller, the mayor’s  wife, off guard for a quick photo.Beuatiful bowl. 

They even gave me a free t-shirt. I must be very special.

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