Saturday:) Some Exercise, Some Errands, and Some Lack of Selfie-Control

17 Apr

“And from the midst of cheerless gloomI passed to bright unclouded day.” 

― Emily Brontë


I started my day simply, a cup of tea, my phone call to my sweet mom, and off to Zumba. After Zumba, I rode the bike for fifteen minutes. It felt good to ride fast and go nowhere. I rode 3.38 miles and didn’t get anywhere. 

Then, the bank, a quick stop at church, Walmart, stop for gas, and home for a long walk, all before noon. Wow! Busy morning. I was originally going to go to the square after my hour walk, but I was exhausted, my knee was killing me, and the clouds started rolling in. So, I did what any smart old lady would do…I took a long nap. Smart old lady!

Dark skies and clouds make me think of serenity, silence, and a nap.

Awakened refreshed and hungry, I warmed up yesterday’s leftover pizza, then texted my neighbor, Kathy, across the street. She wanted to go for an evening walk. So, we walked a couple three miles before it got dark. But, boy, was it windy!

Selfie time…”I have NO selfie-control.” It was a good day!


One Response to “Saturday:) Some Exercise, Some Errands, and Some Lack of Selfie-Control”

  1. Bonita April 17, 2016 at 3:17 am #

    Sounds like a good day 2 me!

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