Friday:) Finding True Treasures

22 Apr

For where thy treasure is, there also will thy heart be.” ― Anonymous, Holy Bible: King James Version


That’s an interesting quote. You need to contemplate on the meaning a while. If you treasure or value only expensive and monetary things, that is where your heart is. Selfish, greedy, heartless and cold. If you can find treasure in a new fallen snow, a warm summer day, a visit with an old friend, a mother’s touch, or a child’s laugh, then that is true treasure.

Our neighborhood was having a spring community garage sale. On my morning walk, I stopped at several sales, more to chat than to shop. But, I did find a few treasures.

My first stop was the best. I small box with old Golden Books. I commented to the older gentleman seated in the lawn chair that I loved old books. When I looked inside, each book was sign to Eddie. One said “from Momma and Daddy,” and I smiled. His daughter came out,mand I started to talk to her. I showed her the book, and she said, “That’s Eddie over here in the chair.” Eddie told me how he loved reading those books as a child. I told Mr. Eddie that they were going to a good home and I would treasure them, too. 

 Here are the other treasure that I found today.
I spent a total of $6 on all these treasure. Worth a million dollars to me. 

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