Theme Song Thursday:) On The Street Where You Live     

29 Apr

To find extraordinary things, go to the ordinary streets!

Mehmet Murat ildan


I walk every day, sometimes twice a day. I never tire or get bored with my view. You’ll never see me tuned in or plugged into headphones with music. The chirping birds, quacking ducks, and chats with neighbors as I meander the streets, that is music to my ears. The sights and sounds of my neighborhood, these will never bore me. 

This family of ducks totally ignored me. They never stirred even as I took this photo just inches away from them. They said, “Oh, it’s just Toni.” I speak duck…a little Mandarin… Get it? Mandarin duck! Ha ha!

Then, there’s the fine artwork along my way. 

Always a beautiful view. These are the streets where I live. 

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