Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom

4 May

“Icons are only visual reminders for the eyes. The truth lies within the soul.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I have a wonderful crucifix and cross collection. I’ve been wanting to hang them all and display them on one designated wall in my family room. I have procrastinated for well over a year, but the other day I was given a special gift that has motivated me. It’s very special, and worthy of a special story, so that will have to wait. 

In the mean time, I took out all my other crosses from their safe haven, and arranged them on the floor for a visual layout. Some needed tags removed, others needed hooks glued in the back.They still lay strewn on the floor, all but one. I went upstairs, carried down the old wooden ladder, and hung one special cross above the doorway in my bedroom. It was made in Jerulalem and has a tiny plastic dome at the base with sand from that location. 

I told a friend about my crucifix collection and the comment was, “Ah, you Catholics and your icons.”  My reply was my quote…

“Icons are only visual reminders for the eyes. The truth lies within the soul.”

I like visual reminders. I have pictures of my children, family and friends all over my house. Icons! I have beautiful gifts, paintings, jewelry, etcetera as reminders. Also icons. 

The cross above my door. And I didn’t even fall off the ladder. I believe the sun in the morning sky and the moon at night are icons. All reminders for the soul. I’m sure you have your icons too. 

It started out like this. 

A special cross I made out of clay at a ceramic class with Laura Canfield. 

One Response to “Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom”

  1. Bonita May 5, 2016 at 2:38 am #

    When I arrive into my home (where ever it my b) a cross must b placed above the front door . If I find a special individual… I have them pray & bless my home…b it an RV, 32′ houseboat, & whatever studio I have built. It protects me…

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