Tuesday:) Trials and Tribulations

11 May

“Life is hard and unfair. It is cruel and heartless, painful, trying, disappointing, unapologetic, and frequently downright awful. But that’s not important. What’s important is that through it all you learn how much you need your Heavenly Father and how much your friends need you.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year


We’ve all had our shares of trials and tribulations. No one knows better than I do that friends and family are vital to get through the tough times. I’ll take a minute here to thank all of you, too many to list, for being there for me.

Another aspect to being thankful for your blessings is to help others through their trials and tribulations. Kelle knew that I’d write about our adventure today. She even said, “I’ll probably read about this tonight on your blog.” Yep!


Those of you who know me already know that I stay up way too late and get up way too early. When I finally fell asleep around 2:30 this morning, my alarm was set for 7 for Zumba class. My phone went off and I thought, “Dang, it’s 7 already?” Well, it was my phone ringing.

“Hi Toni, it’s Kelle. Sorry to wake you up, but I was wondering if you could come over.” 

I was more then half asleep when I asked, “What time is it?” When she told me it was 5:30, I sat up and tried to listen more closely. She said her bathroom sinks were clogged and backing up. She knew what to do to fix the problem, but with her left hand all bandaged up, she needed…”a hand” removing the p-trap and plunging the sink. I said that I’d get dressed and be right over.

I typed her address in my phone gps to talk me to her house. I’m directional impaired, to,say the least, and it was dark and I had no idea where I was going. After I arrived, what followed was more like a “Three Stooges” episode, minus one stooge. We plunged, and removed p-traps, and bailed water. When it looked clear, she turned on the water, and it backed up again. She tried putting a little more Drano, but the container was almost empty. “We need to go to Walmart!” she suggested.

I said I’d drive so she wouldn’t have to change clothes or move cars. I still had no idea where I was, so she guided and told me where to turn. The sun was up now, making it a little easier. BUT, when she said, “Turn left here,” on a divided road, I turned…GOING THE WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY STREET!” Kelle screamed bloody murder, I slammed on the brakes and the cars coming my way stopped in their track, thank God. I made a clumsy u-turn, and we proceeded to Walmart, alive, but shaken…not stirred.

I went in, picked up the bottle of Liquid Plumber, ran to the check out way across the building, then realized she said Drano, so I called her in the car and asked if that was ok. She said, no, it should be Drano, because that is what was already in there. I ran across the entire store to grab the Drano. More fiasco festivities. We got back to her house, then she discovered that she left her keys in the house and the door was locked. We both were still half asleep.  Yike! By now, it was just getting slap-happy silly. Thank goodness she had a garage keypad and a spare key in the garage. We poured the Drano, and Kelle had to hurry to get to the dentist, and I made it home in time to change for Zumba. (After Zumba, I took a long nap.)

Now, that I’ve written a long short story, the moral to the story is…sometimes you have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to help a friend, because someone was there for you once. Sometimes you drive the wrong way down a one way street because you don’t always know where you are, but you know why you’re there. 

Kelle, I hope the sinks are doing ok. (I’m turning my cell phone off tonight.) Just kidding. I was more than happy to help.

“Through trials and tribulations strength is found.”

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