Theme Song Thursday:) Enough Rain Already!!!

2 Jun

The rain to the wind said,

You push and I’ll pelt.’

They so smote the garden bed

That the flowers actually knelt,

And lay lodged–though not dead.

I know how the flowers felt.

Robert Frost


If it rains any more, I’m going to swim over to Home Depot to buy some lumber to start building the ARK.  I know where I can find two ducks, two cats, and two dogs. But, if your pets go missing, don’t look at me, they probably just floated away. 

View out my door. 

The pond is way over its banks. Even the ducks are hiding. 

Enough already! Thank you God for this cleansing rain, but I’m putting in a stop order prayer. Amen. Can I hear an Amen?

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