Sunday Sermon and Some Other Stuff (Grandma’s Birthday)

6 Jun

“The loving arms of a grandmother may be weak and frail, but they give the most powerful hugs imaginable.”

~Toni Amenta Andrukaitis


Today is the Tenth Sunday of Ordinary time, I have no idea what the Gospel or the sermon was about. I was just ecstatic to be in Chicago. Going to Mass with my son Joe at his church in Northbrook was such a delightful bonus.The nice thing about the Catholic Mass is, even though the songs and hymns have a different tune, the words are the same and easy to follow along. I sang my little heart out. 

Kinda blurry photo of St. Norbert. After Mass we lit a candle and said a special prayer.

Seeing as I had a captive son, I asked if we could stop for a coke or tea and have a chat. A lot to catch up with. I scooted to the other side and said, “Selfie time!” He grimaced and groaned, but obliged his old goofy mother…knowing that it would be on Facebook in a few hours. 

Then, a trip to visit my mom. Me, Joe, with his wife, ( my lovely new daughter-in-law) Lindsay drove to Elgin. Grandma was thrilled to see her grandson and granddaughter. We were celebrating Mom’s 89th birthday which will be Monday. We went to lunch and had a nice visit.

I’m staying with Mom and we will celebrate tomorrow again. When you are 89, there’s no such thing as too many birthday celebrations.

Grandma’s day is now complete. But, tomorrow is another day.

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