Tuesday:) Today, A Heartwarming Tale of “Paying It Forward.”

8 Jun

“A spiritual Samaritan lives knowing if he were to leave this word tomorrow, we were the best human we could be and we touched the lives as as many souls possible. We are not asked to be perfect. We are asked to make a difference.”

~Molly Friedenfeld


Saturday, my good friend Karen drove me to the airport. I got there plenty early, with a quick trip through security. Lucky me. I had the opportunity to shake hands with a soldier in the waiting area, and a veteran on the plane. When I finally got to my designated seat, a pilot, who was traveling and seated in the seat behind me, helped me lift my heavy suitcase into the overhead. Another kindness. I was smooshed in the middle seat of row 22. No one was seated in the row in front. When I reached down to put down my purse, I saw a wallet on the floor in the row in front of me. No one was seated there, so I knew it had to belong to a previous passenger.

I looked inside and there was no driver’s license, or boarding pass, or personal info. There was only a business card and a Hollister gift card. I was really afraid to turn it in, because it would never get to the rightful owner. There was $300 in cash and no I.D. 

I immediately called the number on the business card, got a recorded voicemail, and said that I found his wallet. Then, texted the same info. No response. The plane took off shortly, and my phone was put on airplane mode. When I landed, I had a message that said, that was not his wallet, and perhaps turn it into security. Yah! Right! That money would be gone in a minute.

Joe picked me up from the airport, and I told him the story. He thought that was interesting. All the traffic, excitement of visiting with Joe and Lindsay, dodging the new dog, and dinner with Lindsay’s mom, I forgot about the wallet. 

Sunday after Mass, the store, and breakfast, I received a phone call from a woman who said she got my phone number from her boss. He posted on his Facebook page that someone with his business card in their wallet had contacted him about a lost wallet. She saw this and knew that her son, who had travelled to Oklahoma to visit an aunt and uncle, had lost his wallet. She called me on a three-way call with her son, who was with his aunt, me, and her. The young man had his mother’s boss’ card in his wallet. They were so ecstatic that the wallet was found by an honest person. What are the chances?

I said I would send the wallet in a priority box on Monday if they gave me an address. They couldn’t thank me enough. They really couldn’t believe that someone would be so honest. I said, “All I ask is that you pay it forward someday.” They assured me they would, and said, “Bless you!” (I feel pretty blessed all the time.)

Monday, I went to the post office, added a note, and sent off the wallet. I even paid the postage myself. Yep! If you do a kind press for a stranger, you are blessed tenfold.

If I left this world tomorrow, I know I was the best human I could be. I touched the lives of many. I am not perfect, but I made a difference.

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