My 4th of July :) Red, White, and Blue

5 Jul

“Happy 4th of July. I’ll be celebrating this evening with my iPad, some ear plugs, a glass of RED wine, a WHITE Russian, and a PBR~ Pabst BLUE Ribbon beer. Just kidding… I don’t have any ear plugs,”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis





Just a little 4th of July Humor. 

The morning storm threatened the McKinney July 4th celebrations and parade, but the skies cleared up a bit, and it was actually very pleasant for a Texas July day. The lingering clouds protected the celebrants from the extreme heat. My first thought was to stay under the covers when the thunder was booming at 8am. By 9, the rain stopped, so I donned my red-white-and blue and headed off to the square to watch the parade. I actually found a decent parking spot, but was a little embarrassed when I made a right turn onto Kentucky, not realizing it was blocked off for the parade route, and I was NOT supposed to be on the roped off street. Oops! I blushed a little, waved to the crowd, and proceeded to the parking lot.

I watched the parade with some friends. There was a huge turn out for such an iffy day. A wonderful small town feel. That’s my McKinney!

After the parade, my friends Sherri and Michael called to see where I was so we could meet for some ice cream or cookies over at Sweet Spot Bakery.

Michael was hiding behind a car and took a sneak peak picture of me rounding the corner.

We always take open arms photos of each other. It’s a inside joke. Aren’t they cute!

Me and Sherri, compliments of photographer Mr. Murphy.

Do you see that devilish grin? Yes! A huge ice cream cone for breakfast. Caught me, Mr. Murphy.

A very nice way to celebrate the independence of our country…friends, parades, ice cream and staying home tonight to avoid the fireworks and frenzy. I’m getting too old for that stuff.

Happy 4th of July!!!

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