Friday:) Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Cupcakes Alone

27 Aug

“I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.” ― Sarah Ockler


You know when I bake, I really bake. When I had my anniversary celebration on Tuesday, I baked around 140 mini cupcakes and about 60 brownies. 

Needless to say, there were leftovers. Everyone was requested to take some home, and many did. But alas, there were still a few left. I took some to my Wednesday support group at church, dropped some off at Diane’s, some over to Ms. Sandy’s, and shared some with Adam, the AT&T technician. I was switching my home phone to a wireless to get a discount. They failed to mention that they gave me a new number. I didn’t know that till I called my sister, and hercaller ID came up with a weird number. More calls to AT&T. The whole point was to keep my old number of 12 years. Duh!

This is Adam.

Still cupcakes left over. Thursday, the Direct TV technicians came to install the dish. Nothing says thank you like cupcakes and a Dr. Pepper. 

This is Jeremy. He and Nicole enjoyed a few cupcakes. AND, before he left, I asked him if he knew anything about cell phones because half an hour before he arrived, my iPhone went dead, blank, nada. He said he’d take a look. He clicked a few times, nothing. Then he said, “Hmm…I’ll try this reset.” He held the center and top button for ten seconds and that reset it and brought it back to life. Thanks Jeremy! I thought I’d have to go to the AT&T store or worse yet, get a new phone. 

Then, I took a dozen to my other support group on Thursday, and the rest to the neighbor’s next door. FINALLY! All the cupcakes and brownies are gone. Gone and appreciated. Yay!

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