Frustrating Friday:) Thy Name is AT&T

24 Sep

To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” ― T.F. Hodge


August 24th began the continuing saga of AT&T and Directv frustration.  It took one solid month of calls, emails, websites, more calls, disconnections and complete frustration, and I’m still not sure the issue is resolved.

My story began when I decided that it would be nice to save some money on my huge monthly AT&T bill. When I moved into my new house two years ago, there were all kinds of promos and discounts to get you sucked into signing up for U-verse tv and Internet. Well, after the first year was over, whoa. To retain the same features was a big increase in cost. I even combined my cell phones, tv, Internet, and home phone to bundle and auto pay, and still, outrageous.

When AT&T recently purchased Directv, all the tv commercials, mailings, and promotions were tempting. I received an amazing offer in the mail and decided even if it was for a year, it would be a great savings.

When I called and asked about this promo, the rep said they weren’t familiar with the offer, and what was available in my area was $50 for Directv, $30 for Internet and $9.99 for home phone, no fees, no installation charge. That was the best they could do. It was still around $50 less than I was paying, so I agreed.

Here starts the drama. The first appointment was to get my home phone line changed to voice wireless, and the next day have the dish installed. I called my sister from my home phone after installation, and she asked where I was calling from because her caller ID showed a strange number. They changed my number! No one said they would change my number that I’d had for twelve years. I just wanted to bundle my phones. Five phone calls, a few hours, and a week later, I was able to get my old phone number back. 

The dish was installed, the tech was nice, but basically installed the dish, handed me the forms, handed me the control, and showed me on and off, ready to leave. I had to ask for a little instruction. Then, the tv upstairs wasn’t working, so I had to call again.

Ok, now one week later, everything was working. Then, I received my first bill. Let’s see the savings. My previous bill was $354.80, and my new bill was…$403.80. Yikes!!! 

I’m going to make a VERY long story even longer. Two weeks of calling, being on hold forever, talking to endless people who really didn’t speak English well, I was promised a call from upper management. NO CALL! So, I called again yesterday, insisting to speak to the so called upper management. Finally, after about an hour of run around, giving my account number and password seven times, I was on the line with a woman who said she could fix the problem. Then…disconnected…start from scratch! The foreign accent asking more questions and passwords, “Please hold.” HELP!

Eventually, I’m talking to Natalie who said she was so sorry, and she would handle everything. She asked me what promotion I was offered. I told her the $89 one, but no one knew anything about the special that came in the mail. She also never heard of such a promotion. I said, “I have it right here in my hand.” Her reply was, “I’m so sorry!” Basically, too bad, no such thing. She went into my account and said she would credit the previous overcharges, and fix all the problems. We’ll see.

Here is just some of the paperwork involved. I was talking on my home phone, had the webpage on my iPad, rifling through accounts, and looking up things on my cell phone.

I was this close to pulling the plug on EVERYTHING, but then I’d miss talking to my family and friends on the phone and the Hallmark channel and …

I hope my next bill is correct and resolved, or Jessica Fletcher will have another mystery to solve.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I’m glad it’s Black Russian Friday.

One Response to “Frustrating Friday:) Thy Name is AT&T”

  1. Bonita September 25, 2016 at 3:21 am #

    Janice has a “hit” on em!!! I run outa the house when she calls ATT..

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