Theme Song Thursday:) Taking Care of Business

7 Oct

Women should always take care of themselves first. It makes you more equipped to take care of others. 

Donna Karan


Today was a taking care of myself and taking care of business kinda day. I went for a morning walk, as I do pretty much every morning. I can count on one hand how many days I miss a walk. If it’s raining, I take an umbrella. If it’s cold, I bundle up. If it’s too hot, well, it’s Texas, too bad, I go and sweat.

I saw my doctor a few weeks ago for my annual exam, and she gave me a long list of tests and shots that I needed to set up. Today was the day. 

Bloodwork at Quest Diagnostic was the first stop. Google maps said it was over by the McKinney Hospital. I used the map. It was a different way than I’m used to, thinking I’d save time. I ended up on the clover leaf from hell. I kept going round and round. I could see the hospital, but I couldn’t get there. After the fourth dizzy frustrating loop, I arrived. I drove around, looking for Quest. I even asked a couple of employees in a golf cart, and they weren’t sure either. Dang! I finally parked and walked into the hospital and got directions to the adjoining medical building.

Alicia’s work was swift and painless, taking four vials of vital red liquid. I always look away, but when finished, I grabbed my phone for a selfie. I had about half an hour before my appointment across the street at Solis for a mammogram and bone density test. It was already 1:30 pm and I hadn’t eaten for my fasting bloodwork, so I walked over to the hospital cafeteria. Nothing looked too appetizing, so I just got an iced tea. When I went to pay, the girl at the counter said, “No charge.” How nice. I thanked her and sat down at an empty table.

Sipping my tea and checking my emails on my phone, I saw a little boy wiggling and giggling in his mother’s arms at the table across from me. I looked in my purse, and just so happened to have an extra Matchbox car at the bottom. I always take some when I go to church. 

The little boy played with his car for quite a while and his mom was very appreciative for the distraction.

A few minutes later, back to my car and across the street to Solis. This time I didn’t get lost. I only had to cross the road. I filled out a few forms, then put on a lovely blue gown.

One of the ladies waiting said it reminded her of her Catholic school days and the cloaks that the nuns would wear. Ah, I could relate to that. First was the bone density test which, if you aren’t familiar, is totally painless. Just lay there and have a metal arm thingy wave over you. Then the squishy mammogram. You may or may not be familiar with that. This one was a bit painful, but just for a few seconds.

Thus, was my day…taking care of myself and taking care of business. I finished the day by stopping at the store, having a late lunch, then going for a long evening walk. Another way of taking care of myself an evening walk and soaking up the glorious sunset. It’s healing for the soul.

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