Tuesday:) Two Feathers and Taking Care of Business,Again

18 Oct

“Self-discipline is self-caring.” 

― M. Scott Peck


The alarm was set for 7am. I needed to get up early, feed my house guest and take her for a walk. (Bella, the dog) Then, a quick shower and out the door by 8:15. I got a call last week about the results of my mammogram. They needed to do a follow up and recheck, something different from last year’s film. I wasn’t too concerned until I was asked to remain after the initial rescan for an ultrasound. After an extensive ultrasound with the the technician, the doctor/radiologist came in to talk to me. She said not to be too concerned, but I should come in for another ultrasound and follow-up in six months. I will do that. We all need to be taking care of business and ourselves.

Ah, another lovely shot of the blue angel gown before the exam. Yes, I take pictures of everything.

After nearly two hours of prodding, smooshing, and squishing, I decided to do some retail therapy at one of my favorite stops, Steinmart. I found a few comforting items. New happy clothes, new happy spirit. Plus, every thing was on sale. Even happier.

Taking care of business…retail.

I stopped at Half Priced Books on the way home. I haven’t been there in ages. I love to browse at all the beautiful books, especially the art books. Too many choices. I found a lucky feather right outside my car door.

By now I’d worked up an appetite and stopped at McD’s for a chicken sandwich and an iced tea and people watching. I promised myself on the way home that I’d stop and Walgreens and take care of the vaccines and immunization so that I needed and have been putting off. I needed the DPT booster that is strongly recommended for anyone coming in contact with a new born baby. Yay! That will be me in Decemeber when I get to meet my new granddaughter. Then, I needed the dreaded shingles shot, because, well, I guess because I’m old and don’t want to get shingles unless they are on the roof of my house. I was so brave. You’d be proud of me.

I had the pharmacist take the picture. I couldn’t do a selfie and squeal at the same time. Just kidding. It didn’t hurt. 

While I was waiting for the shots, I started chatting with a lady waiting for her prescription. We waited and chatted a good ten minutes before I said, “If we have to wait any longer, maybe we should open your bottle of wine. I’ll go buy some plastic cups.” She concurred. Her name is Margaret. We’ll probably never see each other again, but who knows. She likes wine. Me too!

I scurried home to let Miss Bella out. Later, I fed her and we went for a long walk. I found another lucky feather. This was a big one.

It was a good day to take care of important business…namely ME. Two feather Tuesday is always a good sign.

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