Rainy Days and Mondays and a Montage

8 Nov

“The unwelcome November rain had perversely stolen the day’s last hour and pawned it with that ancient fence, the night.” 

― F. Scott Fitzgerald


It was a dark and gloomy day, the rain embodied the entire day. I braved the drizzle with my umbrella, determined to get my morning walk in. How bad could it be? Well, I got around two blocks away when the bellowing thunder convinced me to turn around and go home.

It was the perfect day for a leisurely lunch at Olive Garden with my friend Zelda. Then, a late afternoon movie. We went to see the Ben Affleck movie, “The Accountant.” If you haven’t seen it yet, no spoiler alert, but it was a little difficult to follow at times and a bit drawn out in places. Slow in the beginning, then too much bang-bang, action, shoot-kill at the end. I give it a 3 out of 5. 

After the movie, the rain still pelted. Rainy days and Monday’s don’t always get me down. It was a good day. We could use the rain, it’s a welcome blessing.

A week in a peek.

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