Friday:)Fun and Fulmination at the DMV 

19 Nov

“I personally believe we developed language because of our deep inner need to complain.” 

― Jane Wagner


My Friday was a day filled with fulmination, frustration, with a side order of french fries. Not really. I didn’t have any fries, but you know me and alliteration.

For those of you unfamiliar with the word “fulmination,” I like to use my two dollar words every now and then just to impress you. Definition below…





plural noun: fulminations

an expression of vehement protest.

“the fulminations of media moralists”

synonyms: protest, objection, complaint, rant, tirade, diatribe, harangue, invective, railing, obloquy; More

a violent explosion or a flash like lightning.

synonyms: protest, objection, complaint, rant, tirade, diatribe, harangue, invective, railing, obloquy; More


I received my driver’s license renewal notice in the mail yesterday, so I decided to take care of that before all the holiday hub-bub. I had to go in person this time and couldn’t renew online. A leisurely morning  was followed by a cooler breezy walk. (So much for the warm weather.) I grabbed my passport, social security card, etc., and off I went to the DMV.

 Well, to start my fulmination, I thought I new where the DMV was off of Highway 5, and must have driven right past it. I pulled over and typed the address into my map app on my phone. It was just a few blocks away. How’d I miss it? (Directionally challenged)

When I arrived, the lines didn’t look too bad, so I took a seat and chatted with lady 132 next to me. I was number 131. Small world. She grew up in Elgin. The same town where my mom and sister live. About twenty minutes later and interesting conversation with number 132, my number was called. I had all my paperwork filled out, and the lady said, “Step over to the middle machine.” Well, there were other machines, so I asked which one, and she repeated, “The one in the middle.” You’d think she could point…but noooooo! Right there she should have known I was trouble. 

That dumb viewer thingy gave me a hard time ten years ago, and it did it again. When the lady asked me to press my head down and read row five, I couldn’t make out the first series of numbers. They were all blurry. I told her that, and said I could read the other lines in the middle and right just fine, but not the left ones in the first row. She asked if I wore glasses, and I said just for reading small print. Duh! I tried my glasses. I still couldn’t make out the first group. Then, she told me to step back over and get my picture taken. I feigned a smile, paid my $25 and was given my receipt and a sheet of paper. She said,”Take this to your vision specialist or eye doctor and get an examination and have him fill this out.” What?

I was annoyed. I can see just fine…except for those tiny numbers on the left. I flustered and bustered while I put away my old license.  In desperation, I asked, “Can I try it one more time?” I went back to the machine and wiggled my head, adjusted the viewer, squinted one eye then the other, said a couple of Our Fathers and Hail Marys, and made all sorts of facial contortions. Finally, I could almost make out the series of seven or eight numbers in the left column, so I rattled off what I thought they were, then the next two columns were clear as a bell. I think the nice lady took pity on me because she took my eye doctor form back and said I’d be getting my new license in the mail in ten days or so. PHEW! That was a close one.

In a way, I was glad that I had to go through that because I think that my left eye is not up to par. I’m going to have to admit that I’m getting old and may need my eyes checked. DANG! I can see a flea on a grizzly bear from a hundred feet away, but I can’t see a few tiny numbers right under my nose. (Don’t ask about the grizzly bear. I just made that up.)

Happy Friday!

2 Responses to “Friday:)Fun and Fulmination at the DMV ”

  1. dancingpalmtrees November 19, 2016 at 11:24 pm #

    As I read your post I felt your frustration. I had to update the address for my Drivers License. Fortunately I can just hope on the subway to get to the DMV but that line was super long and I also had to take a number. While you wait starving, hungry and thirsty you had to keep your eyes on the electronic board and make sure you got up right away when your number was called. Thank Goodness I only had to present my old drivers license give them the new address and on yes show them my DD Form 214 so that they could add my Veterans status. Done I hopped back on the subway homeward bound.

    • toniandrukaitis November 20, 2016 at 7:49 am #

      They sure don’t make it easy for us, do they? I hope you’re having a good weekend and that you have a great Thanksgiving, I have much to be thankful for. I hope that you are equally blessed.

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