Friday:) Feasts, Feats of Fortitude, and Furry Feets

23 Dec

“There has never been any great person who never met great trials and oppositions but their patience, tenacity, endurance and perseverance saw them to the end as great people” ― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah


Yesterday was the Feast Day of St. POrtillo’s. OK, that’s a bad Catholic joke. But, being back in Chicago, I was dying to start devouring Chicago hot dogs and Chicago pizza. My sister and I went to Portillo’s. My favorite! She had the chopped salad….boring! I had the jumbo dog, large fry and, of course, a Diet Coke. Have to watch those calories somewhere.

Look at this! Wow! Perfect.

So, today, my feats of fortitude, I’m going to hop a train in a few minutes. Thus, the early post here. No, I’m not a hobo going to hop a freight train. I’m going take the Metra downtown to meet my youngest son after work for dinner and a visit. It’s supposed to snow and sleet for a couple of days, so fortitude in the Chicago winter is my feat. 

Speaking of feats, my “feets” which I think is the plural of feet, (just kidding) are nice and cozy warm in the new boots my sister bought me yesterday. Not a big need for snow boots in Texas. Maybe for three or four days, not three or four months.

My furry feets, getting ready to hop a train.

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