Friday:) Friends, Fun and a Fiery Sunset

28 Jan

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. 

~John Leonard


Another fun Friday. I had plans to meet Karen, Linda, MaryBeth and Mercedes for lunch at Silk Road. After we sat and ordered, I shared with them that I’ve been working on expanding my horizons and working on my bucket list. Ive never gone to a Thai restaurant, so this was outside the box for me. They asked what else have I done on my bucket list. I told them that I’ve driven to Oklahoma, took a trip to Santa Fe and Estes Park, and last year, on my birthday, I took a bath. What? They looked at me strangely until I explained that I’m petrified of water, I can’t swim, and baths are scary. Oh! Everyone has their phobias. I just happen to have a few strange ones. 

It was a very nice lunch and visit with friends that don’t get together very often. But, when we do, it’s a great time. 

A little prayer doesn’t hurt if you don’t want to get an upset stomach. It worked.

After lunch, I stopped at the store to get some snacks for my Towne Creek painting group. Then, I popped into Papa Murphy’s pizza next door to chat and get a hug from Karri. Scurrying home and packing up glass paints, bowls and brushes, then off to Towne Creek. We worked on painting bowls for the upcoming Empty Bowls Charity event.

We finished painting thirteen bowls. Miss Kathy said thirteen was unlucky. I said , “No, thirteen is my lucky number,”

While the paint dried, we had our snack, pepperoni pizza, root beer floats and brownie bites. Yum!

Now for the firey sky. We’ve had some amazing sunsets the last few evenings. 

One Response to “Friday:) Friends, Fun and a Fiery Sunset”

  1. Yoshiko January 28, 2017 at 7:35 am #

    I do agree that friends make life a lot more fun.

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