Saturday:) Screenings Save Lives~ Baylor Scott &White

29 Jan

“The First wealth is health.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Friday morning, I just so happened to see a blurb on Facebook or an email, I’m not sure which, about the event FOR WOMEN FOR LIFE. It was a free health event of screenings, lectures, and information for women at the Baylor McKinney Medical Center just down the road from me. I logged into the site and registered. I didn’t think it would be too crowded because when I signed up, it said there were 250 spots still available.

It started at 8 am, so I set my alarm for 7. When I arrived promptly at 8, it was already crowded, ladies scurrying about from table to table.

What a great way to help the community. There were screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI, skin cancer, functional movement, injury evaluations, lung function, and assistance with assistance about scheduling mammograms and colonoscopy tests. There were health presentations and cooking demonstrations, not to mention coffee, juice, muffins, fruit, etc. 

I was told that they hold this event once a year for women and another for men on a different date. I was happy to find that my cholesterol was not as bad as I expected. I used to have moderately high cholesterol numbers and was taking medication, but stopped  several years ago. Too many complications. Today, my number was 191! Great!  Hmm… it used to be 220 or 230 when I was taking medication. (Must be all the walking and healthy eating. Ha! Well, maybe the walking. Chocolate, brownies, and black Russians aren’t the best.)

My BMI was ok, my body fat maybe not so much. Too much jiggle in my wiggle.I tested my grip strength, right hand fine, left was pretty weak. But, I picked up one of those foam balls to work on strengthening that. The skin cancer screening was very informative. Two nurses, and later a doctor, actually examined me and answered questions. Most of these screenings just involved filling out a short form with info and listing concerns, then maybe a ten to fifteen minute wait. Even less for blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Oh, it was funny, when I walked past the table for the Baylor pharmacy, the young lady waved and said, “Hi, Ms. Andrukaitis.” She remembered me. I pick up my one medication there once a month.  Not sure if she remembers me because of my excruciatingly LONG last name or because I’m just so darn cute.

Here’s Dee Dee.

Then, I bumped into Dee Dee from the McKinney C &V Bureau. She asked, “Toni, do you live in my neighborhood? I see you walking all the time.” When I asked where she lived, turns out her house is  a couple of blocks away and just two doors down from Mr. Larry and Ms. Sandy. Small world.

So, while everyone was walking around, we were supposed to get each table we visited to initial their booth on our form, turn in the form, then their would be a drawing for prizes later. All the tables had little give aways, anything from hand sanitizer to phone chargers. I came home with a bag full of goodies. But, the best part was the screenings. I’m sure some lives may have been helped, if not saved today by a screening and early detection.

Look at all the fun goodies. Pens, lots of pens. I’m always losing pens.

THANK YOU BAYLOR SCOTT  & WHITE and all the doctors, nurses, speakers and volunteers. 

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