Friday:) Fun Ladies of the Owl Forum Club of McKinney

4 Feb

The wailing owl Screams solitary to the mournful moon.

~ David Mallet


My friend Jan Johnson invited me to teach a painting wine glass class for the Owl Forum Club of McKinney today. I hadn’t heard of the group before, even though they also meet at the Heard Craig Carriage House in downtown McKinney, just a different day. I looked up the origin of the group. There are so many interesting women’s groups around town.

The club, which is an invitation only club, was created in 1933 as an offshoot of the McKinney Owl Club — the city’s oldest social club. Like the McKinney Owl Club, the Owl Forum Club began as a literary club and was created for the daughters of the members of the McKinney Owl Club. Comprised of all women, the members meet on the first Friday of the every month from October through April, and usually have a summer party and the Christmas party. The club’s motto is “Your future is the result of today’s accomplishment.”
I arrived early to set up, and several ladies were already there decorating and preparing the table with snacks and drinks. There were going to be anywhere from 20 to 30 members, and only about 1 1/2 hours or less to work on the project. I was a little nervous about the time allowance. So, I talked really fast, did a quick demo and brought a lot of examples for them to look at.

I tried to walk around and get to everyone, but with 21 painters, not everyone got my personal attention. A few ladies were already pretty talented and self sufficient. Others, I held their hand, literally, so they could feel the pressure and movement of the brush stroke. The roses are most difficult for newbies.

Everyone had a good time and learned a few things about painting on glass. All the women were very sweet and several stayed after to help me pack up and load my car, making my exit a lot quicker and easier. 

A fun group of lady OWLS. Next month they are going to have a wine tasting for their meeting and bring their handpainted wine glasses. That oughta be a “HOOT.”

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