Theme Song Thursday:) Yellow Rose of Texas

24 Feb

“When life gives you lemons, sit down and paint a picture of lemons. That’s what artists do.”

~Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


Just a reminder, if you didn’t see my post from yesterday. I had painted a large glass bowl with white trees and cardinals. It was going to be my donation for the McKinney Empty Bowls fundraiser. Well, it exploded in the oven. I had another large bowl as a back-up. For good luck, I decided to paint my yellow roses. Everyone in Texas loves yellow roses. Heck, pretty much everyone anywhere loves yellow roses. It symbolizes friendship and joy. (I looked that up.)

Here’s a recap of the explosive disaster.

I was upset, but being an artist and an optimist, I dusted myself off, (literally, there were glass shards everywhere) and sat down and painted a lovely bowl in my messy “crap room.”

Speaking of disasters…I just tried to upload some photos, and WordPress won’t allow it. It says I don’t have enough space to upload! 1,411KB needed. Bummer. NO PHOTOS TODAY! I hope I can get this resolved. What if I’ve flooded WordPress with too much stuff???

GREAT…I figured out the problem. I ran out of room so I had to buy a plan with 3 G more storage. Now I can add the photo. Yay!


I guess that’s all for now.

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