Wednesday:) Words of Wisdom in the Walsh Garage

23 Mar

Never judge someone by the way he looks or a book by the way it’s covered; for inside those tattered pages, there’s a lot to be discovered.     
~Stephen Cosgrove


Where do you get your latest news, important information, and neighborhood gossip? Do you watch CNN, Fox News, or BBC World? Personally, I don’t watch the news, it’s too depressing. Once in a while, I’ll get a glimpse of something vital about world events when I scroll through my Facebook page. But, the majority of all the important worldly news I’ve gleaned has been imparted when I sit and have a beer in Larry and Sandy’s garage when I go for my evening walks.

Mr. Larry and Ms. Sandy sit in their garage pretty much every evening, with their gorgeous and well trained German shepherd named Wolf. I’m always invited to sit, grab a beer from the well stocked fridge, and find out what’s happening in the world. John, nextdoor, is often there to share in the wisdom. 

Oh, you should have heard the conversations during the heated election. But, for today, I found out about the rigorous basic training regime when Mr. Larry joined the Navy. The commentary is often humorous, with funny jokes or smart retorts. He said he joined he Navy because of the slogan, “Join the Navy and see the world.” They forgot to mention that you had to know how to swim, which Larry did not. He almost drowned before he even set foot on a ship. 

As we sat and listened to more stories, there was a constant play-by-play of who just got home from work, or which kids riding their bikes or playing in the street are in danger of getting run over. At one point Larry said that Mrs. Brown just got home. I chimed in…”And does Mrs. Brown got a lovely daughter?” I didn’t think he would get the song reference, but he did, and commented that she had three lovely daughters. Sandy thought the song was by the Beatles, and I thought it was Herman’s Hermits. I started to sing the song…Mrs. brown you’ve got a lovely daughter… I said that I’d Google it and see who sang it. I was right.

I asked Larry if he ever looks up facts or songs on his phone, and he said that he didn’t have a smart phone, just an old fashioned flip phone. Then, something silly popped in my head. I said, “Mr. Larry, you should invent your own app. Everyone has a Smartphone, or a Smart-TV, or Smart technology. You should create an app with just your phone number. People call you on your flip phone and ask you a question, and you give them a Smart-Ass answer. You can call it the Smart-Ass App.”

Oh boy, everyone had a good laugh. (And I didn’t even have a beer this time.) But, the little glimmer in Mr. Larry’s eye made me think that he was seriously contemplating the possibility. And you know what? I think he could pull it off.

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