Tuesday:) Toni’s Artist Tip of the Day

29 Mar

“What’s the use of having a great idea if you don’t share it with the world?”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I’m trying to get my “crap room,” formerly known as my craft room reporganized again. I made a huge mess at Christmas time while painting a zillion ornaments, boxes, wine glasses, vases and other gifts. Glitter and litter everywhere. Also, I was teaching a few classes, so I’d pull out paints, brushes, glassware and stuff, and never really put it away because, well…I’d just have to find it and pull it out again. So the room was a disaster.

So yesterday, I decided that if I spend an hour or two a day working on cleaning up and organizing, that perhaps I might get done by Christmas. Then, the mayhem would start again. A vicious visual nightmare. Creative chaos! That’s what artists thrive on. At least this one.

I spent a good forty-five minutes just organizing my paint brushes, when you teach classes, you need a good variety of different size brushes for a lot of people. I love my paint brush organizing system. Being a tennis player…well, haven’t played in a few years…I always kept my empty tennis ball cans. (I don’t throw anything a way~repurpose,) Also, I would ask coach Dave or Coach Luis to save a few cases of empty cans. They were happy to see them go to good use instead of the landfill. The filmy Wilson labels come off with just a quick slit, and the clear containers are perfect for storage. I shared the idea and the cans with my senior artist friends, and other teachers, etc.

The tennis ball cans are the perfect size for most brushes, and a quick label can organize sizes. They could be used for many other things. Think about it…small kid’s toys, Leggos, buttons, nails, screws, just about any small things. I’ve put loose change in them. Once, I filled up three cans and took them to the bank and had over $200. Cool!

Then, where do you put all those containers, Miss Toni? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because I paint wine glasses, I often save a few empty boxes for storage of small delicate items, or I cut off the lids and use them to store the tennis ball containers.

The clear plastic allows you to see what’s inside at a glance. I know, you’re already thinking what you would use them for, aren’t you? And the best part…IT’S FREE!!!!

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