Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day

12 Apr

“Never cry over spilled milk or spilled pudding. Laugh and play in your food.”

~ Toni Armenta Andrukaitis


I decided to make Mom some chocolate pudding this afternoon. I took out the mixer, milk and chocolate Jello pudding mix. It was all done mixing, so I went to remove the beaters from the base, the first one came out easily, but the second one was stubborn. I yanked and pulled and tugged, and finally it came out with a jerk. As my hand flung out with the pesky beater, I knocked over the bowl of pudding, and it flew across the counter, splattering everything in sight. 

A few chosen expletives came out of my mouth, then I calmly started scraping up the mess with a spatula and a roll of paper towels Then, the lightbulb turned on in my head. I need to play in the pudding a while. I made some designs with the spatula, and then did some finger painting. It was fun. I laughed and licked my fingers, then took a picture. 

A chocolatey heart design because, I love chocolate and there’s no sense crying over spilled pudding. 

One Response to “Tuesday:) Toni’s Tip of the Day”

  1. Brenda Davis Harsham April 12, 2017 at 3:07 am #

    LOL I bet you released a lot of stress that way. 🙂

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