Friday Friends and Festivities

13 May

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. 

~Thomas Aquinas


This afternoon, Sherri Murphy and I were invited to the Annual Women in Service Luncheon at The Sanctuary in McKinney. Our friend, and World’s Greatest Realtor (blatant plug) Linda Grossman, invited several friends to the gala event sponsored by the Love Life Foundation. Fine food, fun music, and friendship was the theme of the day. 

Linda, Me, Sara and Sherri enjoying the Women in Service Luncheon.

(Photos above compliments of Sherri Murphy)

After the luncheon, I stopped at Papa Murphy’s to visit my friend Karri.

A stop at the store, then home to take a walk and do some actual cooking and cleaning. (What’s that?) Then the nicest part of the evening, a surprise visit from my dear friends the Murphy’s. They have an open invitation for Black Russian Friday, and they took me up on the offer. 

Sherri and Michael, thanks for the visit. Love you guys.

It was a fun Friday with fabulous friends.

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